Mr. White is chairman of (SHW)2 Enterprises, an independent business development, consulting and angel investment firm that he founded in 2004.  He is a strategic advisor to, serves on the boards of, and consults with, wireless telecom companies and   technology start-ups.

In 1998 he formed and became CEO and Chairman of Leap Wireless International, Incorporated.  Leap’s Cricket service is the sixth largest US wireless carrier and pioneered the “all you can use for a set price” concept for US wireless service that changed the pricing and cost structures of the US wireless carrier industry.

In 1985 he was a co-founder and Director of QUALCOMM, Incorporated, where he was Executive Vice President COO until appointed as President and COO in 1992.  He oversaw the rapid and successful growth of the company and interfaced with the financial community.

He was a director, EVP and COO of Linkabit Corporation the progenitor of the wireless industry in San Diego. Earlier he held executive and financial positions with several technology and aerospace firms.

He attended West Virginia Wesleyan College and graduated from Marshall University with a BA in economics.  He has served on university and preparatory school board of trustees as well as on national education related and community service organizations.

Currently, he serves on the boards of the Old Globe Theatre, the San Diego Museum of Art, the Salk Institute and West Wireless Health Institute. He and his wife, Sheryl, live in Del Mar and they both are active in the community directly, and through their charitable foundation.

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  1. Jim Brazell says:


    My name is Jim Brazell. I have been working with Bob Allen from and Dr. David Thornburg from to further the TEAMS/STEAM agenda. I’d love to help you with this…

    Here are a few articles I wrote for Edutopia on the subject:

    The Path to Innovation: Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and Science (TEAMS) Integration (Part 5 of 5), 8/24/2010,

    TEAMS Model State: The Ohio Arts Integration and STEM Initiative (Part 4 of 5), 8/20/2010,

    Case Study: TEAMS Model School – Clark STEM Magnet in Glendale, CA: Part 3 of 5, Edutopia, 8/13/2010,

    The TEAMS Model: Unifying Arts, Academics, and Career and Technical Education: Part 2 of 5, Edutopia, 8/6/2010,

    Connecting STEM and Arts (TEAMS) to Spur U.S. Innovation: Part 1 of 5, Edutopia, 7/20/2010,


    Jim Brazell

    PS Have you read The Child Centered School, 1928, Harold Rugg

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